Dr. Bernd LeMar

With 30 jears of experience as a consultant you can benefit from my backgrund.

Information in English

Dr. Bernd LeMar is a consultant, based in Munich, Germany.

He began his working life in the hotel business in Germany and France. Then he studied economics and psychology in Germany and the United States. He obtained a PhD. in the field of organizational psychology.

From 1985 to 2001 he was „Advisor to the Board“ of the Swarovski Company in Switzerland and Austria. He  also conducted workshops on „innovation“, and consulted other well known companies, such as BMW, Siemens, and Infineon. In many privately owened family businesses he gave seminars on „Family Business and Succession“ and other topics. He also lectured at the University of Innsbruck and wrote books on „Communication“ and „Family Business“ which are published by the Springer publishing house. He’s fluent in German, English and French.

His main areas of interest are:

  • personal coaching for Family Business Owners and Managers
  • workshops for succession
  • communication in the innovation process
  • change management

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